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Screen Your Lungs

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among both men and women. A lung cancer screening is meant to find lung cancer at an earlier stage, when survival rates are better. Low-dose CT (LDCT) screenings are a critical tool for early intervention because lung cancer symptoms may not appear until the cancer is at an advanced stage.1 An LDCT scan is the only method recommended for lung cancer screening in high risk patients.2 is a campaign to increase awareness and encourage high risk patients to get an LDCT screening. The website offers free materials, resources, and tools to help patients:

  • Find a local screening center
  • Take a personalized screening quiz
  • Get questions to ask their doctor about screenings
  • Understand their screening results
  • Quit smoking

Take a personalized quiz

Patients can visit to take a personalized quiz to find out if a LDCT screening is right for them.

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