Early disease detection, patient care coordination, and patient-focused care management are important for achieving positive outcomes and patient satisfaction. Each of the tools and resources on this page presents strategies for your consideration.

Genentech's Commitment to Screening

Genentech Champions Cancer Screening to help improve outcomes for all patients who typically have a better prognosis when they are diagnosed early. >

  • What's your reason for a mammogram?

    Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women.1 However, with regular screening, women are more likely to detect breast cancer early.2 This campaign is designed to boost awareness of the importance of breast cancer screening and increase mammograms among appropriate candidates. 

    Love Your Colon was created to help diagnose and prevent colorectal cancer. Download the Love Your Colon tools and resources to help payers, employers, and providers communicate the importance of colorectal cancer screenings. 
  • Your Skin Your Story 

    Melanoma is one of the most aggressive kinds of cancer. Anyone can still get melanoma - even with no risk factors. The Your Skin Your Story campaign is designed to boost awareness of the importance of melanoma screening and address misperceptions in order to detect melanoma as early as possible. 
  • Screen Your Lungs raises awareness about the benefits of screening for lung cancer. The campaign encourages high risk patients to be proactive about lung cancer screenings as a preventive health measure and provides them resources to discuss with their doctor.

    Let's Talk Treatment Options is a web-based application designed to advance patient empowerment and shared decision-making between patients and providers. A disease awareness poster and leave-behind are also available.

    The Care Manager Multiple Sclerosis (MS) program is designed to support patients with MS through their experiences and outcomes. The program includes a live workshop and a website with educational tools and downloadable resources for patients.
  • Against Liver Cancer

    Liver Cancer is the 6th most common cause of cancer related mortality in the U.S and cases have tripled since 1980. This patient-centric campaign helps address disparities in liver cancer screening rates, particularly among African American, Chinese American and Hispanic Communities.
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